Day Care Takes Photos Of Dogs Before After Being Called Good Girls And Boys

“The results were better than we could have hoped for.”

Every day, the dogs who come to day care at Fitdog Sports Club experience so many wonderful things between drop off and pick up. They love playing with their friends and running around — but, as their human friends recently discovered, their favorite moments are when they’re recgonized for being good boys and girls.


Meghan Rowland, marketing specialist at Fitdog Sports Club, had the idea one day and immediately got to work bringing it to life.

“[I] thought it would be a fun way to show off all our adorable dogs to our followers,” Rowland told The Dodo.

She decided to take photos of the day care’s dogs before and after being called good girls and boys. It seems like a simple idea — but the results were absolutely priceless.


“The results were better than we could have hoped for,” Rowland said. “It’s impossible not to die of cuteness when you look at their faces.”


Most of the dogs’ faces were pretty neutral before getting the ultimate compliment — but as soon as it was given, the pups showed off the biggest smiles they had to give.


The adorable experiment serves as a reminder to call your pets good boys and girls as often as you can. The kind of joy it elicits is contagious for everyone.


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